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We believe in delivering results, so we have a team of well experienced persons which can convert a piece of coal into Diamond. At Style My Space, we give importance to each and every mind who can give appreciable results whilst fulfilling the demands of Customer. We can design your house into home, by differentiating between house and home we can say we can make an appropriate piece of land into liveable house with no wonders, just hard work and efforts in right direction. With so many happy customers and the projects we successfully completed we can assure you value for money services in all aspects.

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We know you are unique, and we make sure your home is too!

Full Interiors

We can do large scale productions as well as small projects related to civil society or commercial projects.

Modular solutions

Your convenience is our priority. Our ergonomic kitchens and wardrobes will make your life easy.

We Curate

You’ll love our vast range of construction of multistory housing complex with finishing, furniture, furnishings and decor!

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You can easily rely on us in terms of designing, planning, creating, implementing and finishing the project on time.

Custom products

Style My Space can give you a surprising result within your budget which is only possible as we are experienced players of this field.

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Once your design is ready, we’ll turn your home into reality.

Civil work

So, if you are looking for a civil company for any kind of construction work then Style My Space is always open for you.


You can contact us for a consultation and quotation over phone or on our email address as mentioned on our website.


Pushing the boundaries between
progression and innovation.


Once we take any project under our control, our first task is to analyse all the possibilities of making the project a successful one. We analyse all the projects by taking into consideration the man power required, what is the budget and how much time we will take to complete it.


First of all out top planning team members make a layout plan of the project and with their many years of experience put a draft in front of client. First draft is like a rough deployment of the project as we take inputs from the client that what changes he/she wants in the project. Once all the changes are done as per the client’s requirements then we re-do the planning work and present a Final Draft


Once we are done with the final draft of the project then we come on the budget of the project. We have a dedicated team of experienced members who manage all the budgeting issues. If you are looking for a Quality at best price, then let Style My Space team members do the budgeting for you. Each and every thing will be explained to you before we implement on the ground.


Once we are done with the analyzation of the project and come to a conclusion with how much man power, money and time we need, we do a client validation. Doing a work without client’s satisfaction is not in our policy, so we first describe each and every thing related to the project and once the customer says Yes the only we proceed further with the project.


In executing planning, our top management level members do meeting with an agenda how we are going to do every part of project. Execution planning includes the planning of time, budget, man power, resources and legal matters. In execution planning we also take a consent of customer before putting the execution plan to the ground.


When we are done with all the steps like analysing the program, drafting, client validation, budgeting and explaining each and everything to the client, we start with the construction work. Once everything is done in papers and a green signal is given by the customer and local authorities that yes we can execute the project, we start right away. We always give our best to deliver the project with maximum quality, minimal extra costs with top class delivery every time on promised delivery time.

See. Touch. Experience.

We don’t believe in working just to make money, we believe in making customers happy and fulfilling their dreams and desires as per their budget. We are flexible with timings as we have a good amount of man power to deliver the desirable results. We have a zeal to put all the positive force in right direction with improving results every time we do any new project.

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