Kitchen Renovation

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Client: CEO RCL

Date: 14 August 2018

Category: Kitchen, Living Room

There are two aspects of each kitchen: functionality and design. If your cooking space fulfills the functionality aspect, it is time to look into the decor of the room. The kitchen in the picture is a small and a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is a kitchen in which everything is in built and the drawers are fully telescoping which rolls out easily. A modular kitchen is very much in trend now days as it is very useful. A small kitchen needs a lighter color palette to seem larger, while a huge room with big walls can better use those walls for adding various hangers and cooking utensil holders for holding various tools and gadgets that can save your space on the counter top or other working surfaces.

Now talking about the kitchen in the picture, it is a small kitchen with each and every requirement. Basically, a kitchen’s main requirement is a sink, cooking range and a fridge. While designing a kitchen these points should be considered properly. In this kitchen, the sink is in the center of the kitchen on an island. Island is basically a counter in the kitchen for family meal and this can be used as the space for sink or a cooking range sometimes. Over here it serves the functionality of a counter also as well as sink.

On the opposite side of the island cooking range is kept with oven. Above the cooking range modern chimney is also provided. Overhead cabinets are also provided with telescoping channel. All the over cabinets are laminated in white color with shiny finish and the drawers and the lower cabinets are laminated in black colors with mat finish in contrast to white. In the modular kitchen most of the time everything is inbuilt. Now trend is shifting towards the fashion of Modular Kitchen.