Bathroom Renovation

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Client: CEO RCL

Date: 14 August 2018

Category: Bathroom

Private Room Design, the part of interior design studies that concern to the comfort living for housing. This is the principles for architects all around the world to design one of the most important rooms in our house. Closely related to privacy context makes the certain element of room must be treated differently than other room especially in the opening space. The private room including bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, etc. is the room which we use for private use only like sleeping, taking a bath, or dressing. These rooms also store much secret information about us, valuable stuff and more.

Bathroom designs for example in case of interior design have to meet some criterion. The first criteria are concerning about the opening like ventilation, window, and door. Ventilation and opening is the main aspect which determines the circulation and comfort rate. Proper opening or in the other word huge opening make the circulation better than the small one, but in the case of bathroom, of course it incompatible with the bathroom. To accommodate both circulation and privacy, architect makes a huge approach with the huge window opening but privacy insurability.

The answer for the problem is the placement of curtain or frost window which allow light to enter but keep the privacy inside. For the ventilation, there is also high opening ventilation or pipeline ventilation from the outer wall which makes indirect ventilation but still ensure its comfort. Beside lightning and ventilation, the furniture placement also needs to be considered. Don’t place the closet directly facing the door, but remain the bath tub for the door face. The water direction also avoided to reach the door to maintain its durability. The Interior design is the main part for your housing ideas.