A Message From the desk of SANJEEV AZAAD


Hi friends,

We are a Make in India leading construction company with a vast experience of 25 years in the construction of housing / commercial complex, offices, hotels, hospitals, institutions etc. Our group has the best brains in the field. It was only a pandemic which penetrated in my mind and I decided to make the un-avoidable global crises into the opportunity to serve the community.

I realize that during this ongoing ‘Covid’ days which has totally changed the way, we schedule work and therefore has also changed our lives and probably our thought process too. The Indoor-Centric existence would require our work / home spaces to be key sustaining, complete and as far as possible TOUCHLESS.

STYLE-MYSPACE.COM gives you end to end touchless and contact free solutions to develop such work / home spaces.

Stay Home Stay Safe!!!

Our Team

Randeep Singh



Ritu Sharma

Ishaan Mehta

Anil Seth


Romy Lal

Nitu Walia

Rrohinni Azaad Diwan